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How To Install

Follow the steps below to correctly Install any software from our Website.

1. Download and Install Winrar. (Optional)

This step is optional if you have already installed Winrar on your computer or any others extraction software, we recommend to use Winrar because that’s what we use to compress our file, You can download Winrar on their official website: Here


2. Extract the file with Winrar

  1. Right click on the rar file that you downloaded.
  2. Click on Extract Here
  3. If Winrar ask for a password, put the password that you unlocked on the download page of the software.
  4. That’s all.


2. Move the files

If the file are not already in the same folder, you must put them all in the same folder.

3. Extract all the files with Winrar

  1. Right-click on the first file (part1) like in the image, then extract it using Winrar, (It will automatically extract all the others files)
  2. If Winrar request a password put the password that you unlocked on the page of the software.
  3. That’s all!

4. That’s all, you are now done with the extraction of the file.

You now are done with the download and installation of the software, if you have any others issue, check the FAQ Page.