Frequently Asked Questions

  • Read the FAQ below for common questions. If you still have some questions, you can leave us a comment below. 
  • We will do our best to fix your issue and respond to any of your request as soon as possible. 
  • I am very friendly and i hope that i will be able to solve all your problems. 

How To Download a Software?

Check the detailed instruction in the image tutorial here: How To Download

How To Install a Software?

Check the detailed instruction in the image tutorial here: How To Install 

“Corrupted file”, “Damaged” or “Bad password” error while extracting .rar files

If you get this error, make sure that your downloaded files are properly sized, and have the same name, only the last file should be smaller.

You can easily solve this problem, by re-downloading the file which is smaller in size and renaming them      (if the file name is different from the rest). 

Always make sure to not use too much bandwidth while downloading the file software, the downloaded file may become corrupted if your internet speed/connection is not good enough.

The Software is asking me for a CD/Serial Key

If the software is asking you for a CD / Serial Key or Account, that mean that the software has yet to be cracked or has not been cracked succesfully, you need to crack it properly before starting the software, you can see the tutorial on how to use the crack here: How To Install

Can I download Software via Torrent/Magnet link?

As of now, We unfortunately do not have any Torrents/Magnet website alternative.

Why are the Software Split into 5GB / Part ?

Many hosting website limits the uploading to 5GB per upload file, so we have no choice but to comply with this restriction.

Are The Software Safe To Use? Does they contain viruses or trojans?

Most of the software available on this website are safe to use, our team do multiple check up to make sure that they are virus free

No, they do not contains Virus or Trojan, most of the software that are available on this website have been cracked or unlocked by using various method, so they can be used for free with no restriction.

It sometime happen that you get false positive with your Antivirus, because the various methods that are used to crack software are similars to the methods used to code Malware.

Some Antivirus Programs, will detect the Crack, Keygen etc.. as virus and delete it, even tough they aren’t.

Does this website contain virus?

No, this website do not have virus and is totally safe to use.

You can check it by yourself by using: , on any page of our website.